“Born Brilliant, Born Mad…” We ❤️ Disney’s New Cruella, it’s just a little Bad!

Cruella, the infamous villain from the 101 Dalmatians movie, is back in a new Disney live action movie. This time the film tells the story of Estella (Cruella) before she becomes the true evil villain herself. In the opening scenes we find Estella striving to create a name for herself in the fashion world. She is getting no-where and creates an alter ego, Cruella, to gain attention. Along the way she pals up with two ruffians, Jasper and Horace. Together they create mischief and mayhem and pick pocket their way across the London Streets.


On her birthday Estella, thanks to Jasper, gets a job at Baroness Von Hellman's House of de Vil. Unfortunately, the job turns out to be a dud and after a round of too many drinks Estella causes mayhem across the shop’s windows. But, the result has the opposite affect and catches the eye of The Baroness herself who then offers Estella a dream job as a fashion designer.

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 This is where things go from bad to worse and their new relationship sets in motion a course of events and revelations that will cause Estella to embrace her wicked side and become the raucous, fashionable, and revenge-bent Cruella once and for all…

Disney’s Cruella features a great cast with La La Land’s Emma Stone and Emma Thompson, of Nanny McPhee fame. If you love fashion then you’ll love this film as its all about big costumes and big ballroom scenes. It may not have the cutesy pie look of the 1960’s 101 Dalmatians original but for a modern day audience we think this punk rock prequel hits the spot!

Cruella, comes to a big screen near you this month and you can catch it on DisneyPlus too, what’s not to love, darling!

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